About Hennesy

Hennesy, Inc. Adjusting Services, being a Veteran Owned Business, puts into practice that ‘can do’ attitude to adapt, improvise and overcome problems in order to complete each and every claim assignment in a professional and timely manner.

One problem commonly dealt with by an adjuster is the policy holder’s perception that insurance companies and policies are all the same.  Most policy holders pay no attention to their insurance until they file a claim.  It is at this point that the policy holder is contacted by and then meets an adjuster (good or bad) that is representing their insurance company.  We at Hennesy refer to this as, “The First Impression,” because it is the first opportunity for our adjuster to create a positive impression of themselves and of the insurance company they are representing, by giving superior

customer service and claim service from that initial contact to the completion of the claim file.  Remember that the opposite of this is a poorly treated customer that will jump to a different insurer even if they have to pay more premium dollars.  I’ll state it again, the major way an insurer can differentiate their company from the many others out there is through superior claims service. We realize, at Hennesy, that our first priority is to deliver on the carriers marketing department’s promises.   We also realize that an Independent Adjuster, who is superior in the performance of all aspects of their claim duties, will contribute to customer retention, and bring in additional business by word of mouth advertising from extremely satisfied insureds.

Hennesy adjusters and claim file review personnel are trained in the concept of leakage.   We take great pride in the accuracy of our estimates and strive to pay no more (and no less) than what the policy owes and the law requires.  We repeatedly check for policy coverage and report any suspected insurance fraud to the claims department.  We consistently hear, at Hennesy, from the insurance companies we serve, that our correctly priced estimates save them more dollars than they pay to us in fees.

We started Hennesy, Inc. by utilizing a handful of adjusters we’d known for years prior and that we had first-hand knowledge of the superior quality of their customer service and work product.  Over the years we’ve had family members and friends of these original adjusters contact us in the hope of being able to perform claim work for Hennesy, Inc.  When other adjusters heard about the excellent work atmosphere at Hennesy, Inc. they began to call and inquire as to how to be put on our roster.  We now have 350+ adjusters in all 50 states that have worked claims for Hennesy, Inc. and are distributed across the United States.

All completed adjuster claim files are returned to Hennesy, Inc. quality control personnel where they are reviewed and audited a minimum of two times prior to being forwarded to the insurance carrier.  Field re-inspections are completed by quality control staff on a random representation of files to ensure that scopes have been prepared for the actual amount of damage (no more – no less).

We have solid financial resources with the right adjusters in place to handle daily claims nationwide or catastrophe claims for a prolonged period of time.

Here to be of service to you and your policy holders!

Chuck Hennesy

President and Founder
Hennesy, Inc.
A Veteran Owned Business
Office: 913-393-0673

Send claims to claims@hennesyinc.com