As we continue to perform our daily duties during this prolongation of the COVID-19 outbreak, and with the additional mandates created by the current situation, we wanted you to know that we are here for you. While this virus may be new, caring about you, your policyholders, and our adjusters is not!

Protecting against risk certainly is not a new concept for those of us in this business. It is the core of what insurance is all about.  Day in and day out for more than a dozen years Hennesy, Inc. has provided needed adjusters to perform Daily or CAT property claims.  Looking to the future from the beginning, we always understood the benefit to our staff as well as our adjusters of working remotely.  And, we have always had procedures in place to facilitate appropriate inspection of property damage no matter the problems encountered (steep, high roof – remote location – virus – etc.).  For us, it’s all in a day’s work. And the result has been that after following appropriate protocols, as of this writing, none of our staff or adjusters have tested positive for COVID-19.  So, as should be expected, we will be here when needed!

On behalf of myself and the staff, we hope that this finds you and yours well also!

Here to be of service to you and your policyholders!

You have my name on it!

Chuck Hennesy
Hennesy, Inc.

A Veteran Owned Business
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